The Cape Coffee & Biscuit Shop

The Cape Coffee and Biscuit Shop is where you will find South African and British Ceylon Tea, Biscuits, Instant Coffee, Rusks and of course Rooibos tea, that iconic South African red bush herbal tea, so healthy and such a panacea for so many ailments. In the tea section you will find Five Roses tea and Freshpak rooibos tea, we only stock these brands as they are the most popular Ceylon and rooibos teas to be found in South Africa. We also stock Frisco and Nestle Ricoffy instant coffee along with Koffiehuis deep roast coffee. South Africa does happen to have some of the finest and most popular instant coffee that you will find anywhere in the world and of course how could you have tea or coffee without a rusk to dunk. Rusks are exceptionally popular and unique to South Africa, a way to preserve bread in the old days which was then known as boerbeskuit (farmers biscuit) and today Ouma rusks are so popular they have to be limited in quantity, Ouma Buttermilk rusks are the top seller and of course Bakers biscuits are also a South African national heritage and extremely popular, Bakers Tennis biscuits and Baker's Lemon Creams are the most popular choice available from our selection. In the tea and coffee category you will also find hot beverage such as Milo and Horlicks which are such really delicious malty hot drinks to warm a cold winters night and so along with these hot beverages enjoy your South African tea, coffee, biscuits and dunkers!