Peri-Peri - The Flame Of Africa

The flame of Africa is peri-peri birds eye chili, and which is by far the most dominant chilli on the African continent, first introduced by the Portuguese many many years ago it is a staple of Southern Africa, and Mozambique is famous for its prawn's peri-peri. In South Africa peri-peri is the fuel that fired the growth of Nando's fast food chain of spicy chicken and today Nandos sauces and restaurants can be found in many countries throughout the West including the USA. Just mention Nando's chicken and South Africans will come running but be warned in South Africa the chicken peri-peri is really hot so use some caution. Along with various periperi table sauces cooking sauces and marinades such as DiChickO's and Ina Paarman, we also stock Spillers peri-peri oil which is a South African cooking oil saturated with peri-peri spice and which makes it so easy for you to prepare your prawns (Very large shrimp) peri-peri at home, just serve with plain boiled white rice and a slice of lemon, so sit down, relax, open a bottle of Vihno Verde and enjoy a spicy peri-peri seafood feast
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