Bledie Lekker Biltong & Droewors

Bledie Lekker brand biltong and droewors is unique in the USA due to being authentic South African Biltong and Droewors. Made in the USA by AA Biltong under the supervision of a South African meat master and using award winning South African biltong and droewors recipes, Bledie Lekker biltong, snapsticks, chilibites and droewors is air cured by using the very latest South African technology in biltong production. AA Biltong has been producing this iconic South African high protein snack under USDA inspection for the past fifteen years and unlike other dried meat products such as beef jerky or meat sticks no heat is used in the production of authentic biltong with the end result being a naturally air cured and dried beef protein product with an unbeatable flavor that rivals the very best biltong products available back in South Africa. The name says it all so be warned if you try our biltong and droewors products you will always return for more as there is no comparison to Bledie Lekker biltong in the USA. 

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