South African Biltong & Boerie

Here at the South African Food Shop we only stock Bledie Lekker brand products in our South African butcher shop as Bledie Lekker brand is the only truly traditional South African style biltong (South African style of jerky but far superior to regular US beef jerky) droewors (dry cured sausage) and boerewors (South African farmers sausage) produced in the USA and compares with the very best boerewors, biltong and droewors to be found in South Africa. These products have been produced under USDA inspection for the past fifteen years in the USA under the supervision of a South African meat master and have stood the test of time. We also stock the finest English style pork bangers, Russian sausage and along with Neptune Scottish kippers and smoked haddock we also stock Tommy Maloney's traditional Irish Back Bacon and Black Pudding. It's a meat extravaganza so throw away the jerky and start chewing on our biltong snapsticks and spicy chilibites, you won't be able to stop!
  • Bledie Lekker Biltong  & Droewors Bledie Lekker Biltong & Droewors
    Bledie Lekker brand biltong and droewors is the real deal! This is the only authentic South African Biltong and Droewors made in the USA! - If it's not Bledie Lekker it's not biltong or droerwors! (If you click on the 1lb biltong pictures you will have the option of choosing a variety of lean/fat and wet or dry biltong, these options are only available in the 1lb packs)
  • Bledie Lekker Wors Bledie Lekker Wors
    This is where you find perishable products such as Bledie Lekker authentic Boerewors, Pork Bangers, Russians, Back Bacon, Smoked Haddock and Kippers and even Black Pudding! (NB. ORDERS IN THIS CATEGORY MUST BE PLACED BY TUESDAY LATEST TO BE SHIPPED WITHIN THE SAME WEEK)