What's For Breakfast?

What's for breakfast? and in South Africa that would normally be Pronutro, Mealie Meal, Maltabela or Weetbix so let's first start with Pronutro, developed in South Africa in the 1960's The main ingredients of our New Pronutro cereal is maize meal, wheat and soy, this is a 100% balanced protein cereal which only requires the addition of milk or water, We then have that staple diet of Southern Africa which is known as Maize Meal, Mieliepap, Mealie Meel or Sudza, or just plain pap, it just depends where you live in Southern Africa. Made from ground white corn and similar to grits or polenta but different in flavor and texture this low-cost food is popular all over the southern half of the continent and is very popular when prepared with a very dry constituency (Stywepap) and then served with boerewors and topped with a tomato and onion relish, this dish is called Pap en Wors!  and very popular in the Northern areas of South Africa. Maltabela is a creamy and malt flavoured version of mealie meal and served hot with milk for breakfast. Last but not least is Weetpix or Weetabix (The British version) This is cereal which has been around in South Africa since the 1930's and is only produced in Britain and South Africa. made from coarse whole wheat which is formed in a wafer like shape and is served with hot or cold milk, zero sugar and an incredible source of fiber. All of these South African breakfast cereals have unlike US cereals a exceptionally low sugar content and that speaks for itself when one is looking for a healthy breakfast.
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