Mrs Ball's Hot Chutney
Mrs Ball's Hot Chutney

Mrs H. S. Ball's Hot Chutney 470g

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Mrs H.S. Ball's Hot Chutney - Sterk Blatjang   Net WT 16.6oz ( 470g )

Prepared from the finest South African fruits.
Voorberei van die beste Suid-Afrikaanse produkte.

There is only one Mrs Balls chutney and it is loved by all South Africans everywhere. Mrs Balls has been bringing families together for over one hundred years.

Mrs Balls Hot chutney is sweet and slightly hot, it can add heat to any curry and give that extra kick to your breakfast. Its thick texture even makes it perfect for glazing your meat for a good old South African braai, adding body to your stew, dressing up your burger, complimenting your favorite cheese or making a good old Bobotie. Chutney is definitely an essential South African condiment for every cupboard.

What can't you add Mrs Balls chutney to?

'The original recipe chutney. Few lovers of the perennially favorite Mrs H.S Balls chutney will know just how close the recipe for their favorite sauce came to being buried in a watery grave! For in 1852 when the SS Quanza was shipwrecked off East London, South Africa, en route from Canada to Australia, Captain Adkins and his wife were lucky to escape with not only their lives but also the blueprint for what was to become one of South Africa's most unique and priceless culinary icons. Making the best of their situation Captain Adkins and his wife settled in King Williamstown. In 1865 their daughter, Amelia was born. She was later to marry Mr Herbert Sandleton Ball, a railway superintendent from Cape Town. As part of her coming of age, the young bridge was given the coveted secret recipe" ( As stated on the manufacturers web site. )


Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Vinegar, dried peaches ( peaches ( 5.9% ) apricot ( 1.9% )) ( fruits contain sulphur dioxide ), modified corn starch, salt, Worcestershire sauce, caramel colourant and chillies.

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