Mrs H. S. Ball's Sweet Chilli Sauce 470g

Mrs H. S. Ball's Sweet Chilli Sauce 470g

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Mrs H.S. Ball's Sweet Chilli Sauce   Net WT 16.6oz ( 470g )

Prepared from the finest South African fruits.
Voorberei van die beste Suid-Afrikaanse produkte.

There is only one Mrs Balls and her chutney's and sauces are loved by all South Africans everywhere. Mrs Balls has been bringing families together for over one hundred years.

Mrs Balls sweet chilli sauce is sweet and mildly spicy, it can give that extra kick to your breakfast. Its thick texture even makes it perfect for glazing your meat for a good old South African braai, dressing up your burger or sandwich and complimenting all your favorite dishes.    

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